We Make Indianapolis Smiles Brighter with Regular Dental Exams

Dental ExamsAt Affordable Dental in Indianapolis, we believe that regular preventative dentistry can help make every patient's smile last a lifetime. With ongoing dental visits to our office, you'll enjoy better oral hygiene and health with less worry about gum or tooth disease. Our professional, highly-trained dental staff delivers experienced care to the entire family in a warm, soothing atmosphere.

Thorough Dental Exam

It's important to schedule a yearly dental checkup and teeth cleaning to maintain the integrity of your smile. We offer low-cost initial dental exams and dental Xrays as part of our periodontal maintenance program. If you haven't had a dental exam recently, make an appointment with us to get back on track to achieving a healthier smile.

Importance of Dental Cleaning

Undergoing preventative dentistry through our facility means that you'll be treated with care and kindness. Our desire is to improve your dental health, and we tailor customized treatments to each patient's unique needs. Don't put off having tooth or gum treatment any longer. We can provide a number of processes, from dental sealants to fluoride treatments, so that you can smile confidently in any social situation.

The staff at Affordable Dental looks forward to hearing from you, and we always welcome new patients. Learn about the ways we can enhance your smile by scheduling an appointment today. Give our Indianapolis dental professionals a call at 317-789-1000.

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