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Dental BridgesA dental bridge may be the solution you need if you have a broken or cracked tooth that doesn't offer enough support for a crown. We at Affordable Dental here in Indianapolis can accurately shape your neighboring teeth to hold a dental bridge. Basically, a bridge for teeth is a device comprised of one or more false teeth and is designed to blend in naturally with a person's mouth.

Extend the Life of Your Bridge with Precision Repair

The placement of a new bridge works similarly to your natural teeth. Depending on how well its maintained and the type of bridge attached, it can last for many years. Dental bridges may need replacing or repairing if surrounding teeth are lost or become weak. Our experienced dental technicians offer a range of restorations, including dental bridge repair, so that you can look and feel your very best.

We Offer a Complete Smile Makeover

Imagine yourself with the smile you've always dreamed about - one that projects radiance and warmth. The friendly staff at Affordable Dental delivers customized smile designs that can affect and transform your life. With our advanced dental technologies and cosmetic dentistry options, we can help you achieve an appearance that complements your facial features while enhancing your level of personal self-confidence.

Whether you're interested in a comprehensive dental technique or require conventional dentistry services, allow us to help you improve your oral health and smile. From teeth whitening to dental bridges, we make sure that every treatment is tailored to ensure the most natural and positive results possible. Give our Indianapolis dental practice a call today at 317-789-1000 to schedule your consultation.

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